Wednesday, January 16, 2013

If Your Not Growing

    In the ever growing and evolving world of technology if your are not willing to keep learn then you will quickly fall behind the rest of the pack.  With that being said in the off time from school I have taken upon myself to site down and learn something that interested me for while but I've never taken the time to learn: how to program in Java.  After two weeks I have went from being able understand the basic structure of how a Java is written to being able to program my own simple programs.  Though my skills are far from being brag worthy I can honestly say that I'm happy that I took the time to site down and try to pick up a new skill.  I feel that it is important for any person to try and learn even if it means taken the time on your day off to sit down and pick up a book and learn something new.  And on side note if anyone out there knows of any cool tutorials or practice code out there shoot me a email at 

Monday, November 19, 2012

Brotherly Love

TED Talks is collection of speeches of people who are discussing different topics that affect the daily life of people.  In one of these talks, Faith Jegede talks about her autistic brothers whom she feels are not ordinary but extraordinary because they are different.  This is subject matter that hits very close to home for me because I too have brother who is autistic.  We share the feeling that to most people are brothers are not normal by societies standards but this does not mean they are any less then other people.

When I look at my brother it is true to say that he is not capable of doing everything that you or I are capable of doing.  He often lacks the ability to behave himself is socially normal way, often lost in his own little world disconnected from things going on around him.  Even though it might appear that he is not paying attention to conversation happening around him, he is capable of bring up a conversions that happened years ago and even tell you the exact time and date that they occurred on.  A feat I couldn't even pretend to do, as I have a hard time remembering what the day it even is.

Faith's TED Talks reminds me that it's not import to focus on being normal or your lack of it.  It is far more import to focus on the things that make up extraordinary.  So remember we all lack something, but every single person is blessed with so much more that it's not important to focus on what we don't have but rather what we do have.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Social media can have a huge impact on how a company is perceived and way it reaches out to its core audience.  Almost every major company has mad some kind of presence on social media but not everyone has truly grasp the power it has to help there company.  Two companies that hare doing tremendous work with social media are Samsung and Apple, using several different platforms to enhance the companies image and a new method of reaching out to public with there new products.

One of the really impressive thing that Samsung does with social media is that they have many different outlets for the various different products and services that they offer.  They have different twitter feeds for there mobile products, there app market, there televisions products, and even different feeds for different countries they market to.  This allows a person who is interested in just one arm of there business to see the new offerings that they are interested in without being overload with every single type of product that Samsung makes.

Apple is another player in social media world who name is very often found major trending sections of most social media platforms.  They use various social media outlets to promote their product, discus new and upcoming events for company, and  offer special promos to the people that follow them.  Apple use these methods to help promote their brand as well as spread news of new products to loyal followers.  

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Is there more to the tablet game then just the ipad?  Today I took a moment to look at all the new and exciting tablets that are hitting the market now.  The question that arise to me are people going to drawn more to brand name or to a price?  Anyone who has thought of buying one has heard ipad or galaxy but may not be aware of price tag of $400 to $500 that is attached to them.  On the other hand a person can pick up Coby or Asus tablet for fractions of that cost varying from $90 to $250 but these are not well know names to tablet game.  So who is going to win this new and growing marketing?  Only time will tell for now but I am eagerly awaiting to see which side will pull ahead.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Why I'm at MATC?

The reason I am currently attending MATC IT program is mix of two reason one opportunity and long interest in the computers.  Prior to attending MATC I was working at Lowe's Home Improvement doing maintenance work, unfortunately for me the housing market crash caused the company to come extreme stress.  The company closed twenty-three locations across the nation and my store was one of these stores chosen to be closed.  After being dislocated I took a restock of what I wanted to do when I grew up and decided to return to my long interest of computers.