Wednesday, January 16, 2013

If Your Not Growing

    In the ever growing and evolving world of technology if your are not willing to keep learn then you will quickly fall behind the rest of the pack.  With that being said in the off time from school I have taken upon myself to site down and learn something that interested me for while but I've never taken the time to learn: how to program in Java.  After two weeks I have went from being able understand the basic structure of how a Java is written to being able to program my own simple programs.  Though my skills are far from being brag worthy I can honestly say that I'm happy that I took the time to site down and try to pick up a new skill.  I feel that it is important for any person to try and learn even if it means taken the time on your day off to sit down and pick up a book and learn something new.  And on side note if anyone out there knows of any cool tutorials or practice code out there shoot me a email at 

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