Monday, October 29, 2012

Social media can have a huge impact on how a company is perceived and way it reaches out to its core audience.  Almost every major company has mad some kind of presence on social media but not everyone has truly grasp the power it has to help there company.  Two companies that hare doing tremendous work with social media are Samsung and Apple, using several different platforms to enhance the companies image and a new method of reaching out to public with there new products.

One of the really impressive thing that Samsung does with social media is that they have many different outlets for the various different products and services that they offer.  They have different twitter feeds for there mobile products, there app market, there televisions products, and even different feeds for different countries they market to.  This allows a person who is interested in just one arm of there business to see the new offerings that they are interested in without being overload with every single type of product that Samsung makes.

Apple is another player in social media world who name is very often found major trending sections of most social media platforms.  They use various social media outlets to promote their product, discus new and upcoming events for company, and  offer special promos to the people that follow them.  Apple use these methods to help promote their brand as well as spread news of new products to loyal followers.  


  1. Very interesting Sean, I never knew they had different tweeter feeds for different things. informative!

  2. Very interesting post Sean. I also had no idea that Samsung had different outlets for various different products. I always just saw them as "Samsung" and that was it. Its good to know that they have different outlets. This will make it easier when searching for something in specific.

    Great post by the way!

  3. I will have to follow Apple on facebook. I can definitely use some of their special promotions they offer.

  4. I think you did a really good job with this post that you did. Not to sound repetitive or anything, but I also did not know about Samsung having the different outlets for the different products. That is really interesting to know because for all those people out there like me who like being organized and having things separated into different categories, it would save a lot of stress doing searches for products. Good job again!